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Storm Clamps
4 colors to chose from
White - Brick - Green - Beige

1 set of Storm Clamps

Included in the package
– 4 Base units
– 4 Clamp units
– 4 stainless steel hex head tap bolts
– 4 stainless steel wing nuts
– 4 galvanized washers

Materials needed for Installation
– Drill
– Base mounting screws
      Wood Structures:
          #12 pan head for metal screws recommended
      Masonry Structures:
          ¼" blue hex head for masonry application recommended
– Plywood minimum thickness 7/16" recommended

$ 29.99
Plus Shipping and Handling

Extension Accessory Kit

1 set of Storm Clamps

Included in the package
2 Base units
2 Extension brackets
$ 2.99
Plus Shipping and Handling


Storm Clamps Disclaimer:
This product is sold without warranty or guarantee whatsoever, express or implied, for its intended use or misuse. By purchasing, installing or using Storm Clamps you agree to hold GNT Enterprises, its affiliates and agents, free from any liability for damages sustained to person or property as a result of the use or misuse of Storm Clamps or as a result of natural occurrences or acts of God.

Storm Clamps were designed, manufactured and intended to help protect homes and businesses by providing a more convenient method to install and remove plywood or other protective coverings from windows and doors during periods of inclement weather.

Storm Clamps ARE NOT designed for personal protection and are not an alternative to evacuation. All persons should follow the guidance and heed the warnings of the government, emergency personnel or other authorities both before and after a weather event or other disaster. The installation of Storm Clamps on your home or business should in no way affect your decision whether or not to evacuate.

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