Who Needs Them

Great For: Home, Commerical, Recreational Structures and more

Storm Clamps are ideal for protecting virtually any structure – from homes to offices, businesses, summer homes, camps and more. From hurricanes along the Gulf of Mexico and east coast to destructive nor’easters in Maine – with Storm Clamps your family and property can be easily protected.

The power to protect your!! The power to protect your
home and family

Anyone who has boarded up their home the old-fashion way (with nails or screws) knows that substantial damage occurs when the storm panels are removed. All those holes in the building’s external surfaces have to be filled and painted – which takes time, effort and money. With Storm Clamps there is no damage to exterior surfaces because the clamping apparatus can be left in place permanently.

Protecting your family and property from hurricanes, storms and other violent weather is a major concern for many Americans. Now there is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to install protective storm panels over windows, doors or other vulnerable features of your home or business. Storm Clamps are a unique, effective way to install plywood or other protective coverings in minutes – protecting your family and property from wind and flying debris that can cause serious injury and substantial property damage.



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